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Microsoft BI on an iPad?!

PerformancePoint, Reporting, and Excel Services on an iPad… it can’t be.  It is a fact.  What? You don’t believe me check out this link and see for yourself.  This feature was included in the December 2011 SharePoint 2010 CU.  However, I have some bad news if you have recently updated to iOS 6. The tap and hold […]

Microsoft Mobile Business Intelligence with SharePoint 2010 and Mobile Entrée 3.0 – Performance Point Dashboards going Mobile

I wanted to share my experience with the new features of Mobile Entrée and how to leverage your existing Microsoft Business Intelligence investments as a starting point to building out the mobile platform. Mike Burger posted earlier regarding Mobile Entrée (found here). He stated the fact that it can integrate with SharePoint and render reports […]

PerformancePoint Identity Delegation with SAML Claims Providers

From time to time, we have customers who want to offer Microsoft’s Business Intelligence visualization tools like PerformancePoint dashboards as a service to users connecting to SharePoint from the Internet. Typically this represents a pretty big challenge, especially if there’s any requirement that access to the data be granularly filtered at the data tier (Analysis […]

Using Custom Data to Securely Access Analysis Services Data via PerformancePoint

This method has been blogged about in various places on the web. Below is my take on a recent implementation of this method with some screen shots, helpful hints and some things to lookout for. One approach to dynamically allowing / denying access to the data contained within an Analysis Services Cube via PerformancePoint is […]

Connecting Scorecards and Charts

Recently, I was tasked with creating an internal Dashboard which allowed for Practice Leadership to track metrics related to sales pipeline change. The first thing that came to mind was a demo I had previously seen from someone at Microsoft. The functionality consisted of selecting a KPI in a Scorecard and having a Trend Chart […]

SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence

Check out my SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence Posts:   1. SharePoint 2010 Insights – Reporting Services and Chart Web Parts 2. SharePoint 2010 Insights – Excel Services and Visio Services 3. SharePoint 2010 Insights – PerformancePoint Review Part 1 of 2 4. SharePoint 2010 Insights – PerformancePoint Review Part 2 of 2   Enjoy!!