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How Machine Learning Enhances Performance Engineering And Testing

How Machine Learning Enhances Performance Engineering and Testing

As enterprise software platforms expand in complexity and importance, performance anomalies have become a serious threat that can result in millions of dollars in losses. Faced with this challenge, performance engineering experts have begun utilizing machine learning algorithms to predict performance issues, remedy them, and even avoid them altogether. Machine learning solutions can analyze and […]

Improving Performance Visibility In The Software Development Lifecycle

Improving Performance Visibility in the Software Development Lifecycle

Coding, deployment, monitoring, staging; everything within the software development lifecycle should be performance-oriented. If not, one of them quickly becomes a weak link and will negatively impact the rest. Maintaining this strict level of performance requires complete visibility, which means monitoring every stage and aligning stakeholders with the performance engineering strategy. In this article, we […]

Continuous Performance Testing On A Massive Scale

Continuous Performance Testing on a Massive Scale

The software development outsourcing industry is experiencing a performance revolution, which marks a new level of technological progress in the sector. This dedication to performance is prominent in the American nearshore region, as US-based clients and their customers increasingly demand higher quality software that performs at superior levels of excellence. As demand for software grows, […]

Performance Analysis And Data Science: Partners In Excellence

Performance Analysis and Data Science: Partners in Excellence

As software becomes more complex across the board, new techniques emerge that simplify and improve the software development lifecycle, particularly within the area of product performance. Thanks to its natural compatibility with performance analysis, data science is a particularly valuable discipline for software development outsourcing companies as they aim for higher levels of excellence in […]

Balancing Performance Tuning With Code Optimization

Balancing Performance Tuning with Code Optimization

The world’s greatest racing drivers may be highly talented individuals, but without a talented team of mechanics and engineers keeping their vehicles in check, they can quickly fall behind the competition. When it comes to software, the same idea applies; great products can fail quickly without a strong focus on performance and optimization. Engineering and […]

How Perficient Latin America Uses Performance Engineering To Deliver Top Quality Software

How Perficient Latin America Uses Performance Engineering to Deliver Top-Quality Software

Here at Perficient Latin America, one of our secret weapons for delivering world-class software is performance engineering, a discipline that requires a broad focus on product performance during the entire software development lifecycle in nearshore outsourcing. The approach is different from regular quality assurance and testing, which is mainly centered on functionality. Instead, performance engineering is […]

Software Development Outsourcing Interviews: Performance Engineering

Software Development Outsourcing Interviews: Performance Engineering

We sat down with Perficient Latin America’s Head of Performance Engineering, Carlos Zuluaga, to discuss Perficient Latin America’s approach to performance engineering, lessons learned when scaling performance engineering, and his journey to becoming a top performance engineering outsourcing expert in Latin America. Performance engineering is one of the core disciplines at Perficient Latin America, and […]

Perficient Latin America Team Spotlight: Carlos Zuluaga

Perficient Latin America Team Spotlight: Carlos Zuluaga

At Perficient Latin America, we count ourselves lucky to have such a diverse and incredibly talented offshore software development workforce. Our employees cover an extensive range of specialties, capabilities, and technologies, but most importantly, display great qualities as people and citizens of the world. Continuing our interview series, we want you to experience our employees’ […]

Performance Engineering Practices Improve Systems Performance By 200% In 6 Months

Performance Engineering Practices Improve Systems Performance by 200% in 6 Months

Performance Engineering Case Study Results  200% performance improvement in critical cases in 6 months Fully automated testing allows for over 300 test executions a day  Issues are flagged at the beginning of the software development life cycle  Improved information analysis  Tests run in isolated performance environments before being deployed to production Time and money savings achieved by […]

Perficient Latin America’s Performance Tool Drives Innovation And Reduces Data Processing Time From Days To Minutes

Perficient Latin America’s Performance Tool Drives Innovation and Reduces Data Processing Time from Days to Minutes

Performance Tool Case Study Results  Can process data from several performance robots, including JMeter and Gatling Processes SAR and Perfmon logs Customizable graphics to fit specific requirements Reduces data processing times Easy-to-understand performance graphics and visuals Will integrate machine learning and data analytics to improve predictions Executive Summary Perficient Latin America, a purpose-driven software development outsourcing firm, […]

Perficient Latin America Team Spotlight: Catalina Soto

Perficient Latin America Team Spotlight: Catalina Soto

“I think that the work that we’ve done in terms of performance engineering has been so interesting, and it’s still a challenge to improve our process even further; to try to collect and analyze all the results from performance tests and different implementations, and truly provide business value to client projects” — Catalina Soto, Performance […]

Performance Testing And Performance Engineering Best Practices

Performance Testing and Performance Engineering Best Practices

As performance engineering gains traction in software development, it’s important for companies— even smaller ones—to pay attention to the differences between performance engineering and performance testing. Organizations need to take steps towards implementing a performance plan that yields results. We’ve covered why your company should be implementing performance engineering before, but when it comes time […]

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