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Webinar – Microsoft Big Data and Advanced Analytics

I recently participated in a webinar on the topic of Big Data/Advanced Analytics and how the Microsoft platform supports it.  My colleague Shankar RamaNathan spoke first about the various challenges of truly seeing ROI out of Big Data initiatives.  Then I spoke about how the Microsoft Data Platform, both in the cloud and on-premises, provides […]

Webinar Recap: The Modern Data Warehouse – A Hybrid Story

Last week, we held a webinar, The Modern Data Warehouse – A Hybrid Story. As the world of data evolves ever so quickly, it transforms the industry and creates a need for new approaches to business intelligence. Data warehousing technology that worked well for years, serving its purpose to manage and understand business driven data, […]

Big Data, the Microsoft Data Platform and You

Big Data and the Microsoft Data Platform and You

The age of Big Data is upon us, and the age of Pervasive (or “Ambient”) Data is rapidly approaching. This means that not only the typical loosely-structured Big Data sources that we’ve become accustomed to considering, like Twitter feeds, Facebook posts, and web logs. This also means we’re dealing with the streams of data generated […]

Webinar Recap & Replay: Big Data and the Intelligent Enterprise

On Wednesday, we hosted a webinar on Big Data: Using Microsoft Enterprise Information Solutions to Make Smarter Business Decisions. During the session, Duane Schafer, Microsoft BI Practice Director at Perficient, began by defining Big Data, then analyzing Big Data with the Microsoft platform (including ways to manage structured vs. unstructured data such as a parallel […]

Microsoft PDW Blog Series – Part 1

Introduction If you follow the SQL Server community at all, you’ve probably heard a lot of buzz around PDW (Parallel Data Warehouse).  This is the first in a series of blogs I am going to be writing about PDW.  In this series, I am going to cover everything from PDW nuts and bolts to how […]