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2021 Microsoft Partner of the Year Finalist Healthcare Award

Perficient Named as a 2021 Microsoft Healthcare Partner of the Year Finalist

Microsoft recently announced the finalists and winners of its 2021 Partner of the Year Awards. We’re delighted to share that Perficient was recognized as a finalist for the Healthcare Partner of the Year Award. This honor positions Perficient among a global field of top Microsoft partners that have demonstrated excellence in innovation and implementation of […]

Keeping A Personal Touch in the Digital Healthcare World

Keeping A Personal Touch in #Digital Healthcare

Next time you are in a restaurant, coffee shop or on public transportation, take a look around at the number of people occupied by their smartphones and tablets instead of engaging with those right next to them. As a society, we are becoming increasingly depersonalized and relying more on electronic communications and less on face […]


Patient-Centered Care: 4 Things That Need To Happen

Health care has been evolving away from disease-centered care and toward patient-centered care. In a disease-centered model, physicians make treatment decisions based on clinical experience and data from medical tests. In a patient-centered model, patients are active participants in their own care and receive services that are focused on their individual needs and preferences, in […]