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[Next Week] Incorporating Digital Tech Into Clinical Trials

Innovative mobile technologies are continuously being introduced, and savvy life sciences organizations are taking note. Many of these technologies have the potential to drastically reduce the time and cost of clinical trials, from subject recruitment to data collection, not to mention likely create a boost in patient engagement. Examples of using digital technologies in clinical […]

How Roche’s App Will Shape The Future Of Parkinson’s Disease

  Check this out. Roche just developed a mobile app, which is currently being evaluated in a Phase I trial, that can help assess the severity of one’s Parkinson’s disease (PD). Here’s how it works: Patients are provided with pre-configured smartphones and, over time, are guided through a series of tests to collect data points. […]

Don’t Be Left In The Dust By Digital Transformation

  It seems like every other day we’re reading about pharmaceutical companies developing mobile apps, or at the very least, investing in companies that develop them. And that’s for good reason: They work. They help researchers learn about disorders. They help educate patients on their conditions and provide treatment recommendations. They help with patient adherence. […]

If A Drug (And Its Manufacturing Process) Can Be Cool, This Is It

  This is fascinating on many levels. On July 31, 2015, the FDA has approved – for the first time in history – a drug that is developed on a 3-D printer. Not a medical device or a toy figurine; a drug. Aprecia Pharmaceuticals is the maker of SPRITAM, which is designed to treat seizures […]

Shire’s Take On The Current Clinical IT Landscape

  Ed Miseta, Chief Editor of Clinical Leader, recently interviewed Mike McKay, Associate Director of Operational Excellence for Shire Pharmaceuticals, on his view of the clinical IT space and how it’s affecting his company. Here are several takeaways from his interview: 

Patient Education Can Give Pharma A Lift

  If you really think about it, it’s quite astonishing that Viagra sales in 2014 grew 47% in China, a country in which discussing sexual health-related topics has long been considered taboo. So, what caused this surge in sales?

Where’s The Amazon Dash Button For Pharma?

  The Amazon Dash Button was released earlier this week. It works like this: A button is provided by Amazon for a specific product. If you want that product, you press the button on a wireless, keychain-like device and your order for that item is automatically placed. No need to log into your computer or phone. 

Want A Reward For Making Yourself Feel Better?

  Medication non-adherence continues to be a big issue in the pharma industry, affecting clinical outcomes for both approved and unapproved drugs. And naturally, it increases overall healthcare costs. HealthPrize, a maker of medication adherence and patient engagement software, recently published statistics that further suggest gamification improves patient adherence to medication protocols, as well as […]

Eat It Up! No More Self-Reporting For Clinical Trial Subjects

  Let’s face it, relying on clinical trial participants to self-report their medication intake isn’t ideal. Lots of things can go wrong. Patients can administer medication improperly, avoid taking the medication altogether, or even claim they’ve taken the medication when, in actuality, they haven’t. While there are other means of checking whether patients are taking […]