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How good is your AEM Security? – Mitigation Tools

Large scale data breaches and critical security vulnerabilities have companies thinking about security more than ever.  Many developers are familiar with the OWASP top 10 (  There are already many resources on generic mitigation for these vulnerabilities.  So instead, in this series, I will cover security issues and mitigations specific to AEM.  Here I will […]

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Six Ways to Protect Yourself and Your Family on Data Privacy Day

This article was co-written by Iman Watson, senior solutions architect, and Kailey Hughes, lead development representative. As we mostly are working remotely these days, securing your space when you’re not in the safeguards of the office walls are critical. Perficient places a high value on data security and has several processes and tools in place […]

Phishing Attacks – How Your Old Passwords Can Come Back To Bite You

As a security professional, I spend a considerable amount of time building awareness around good password hygiene, and I am starting to see forward progress in efforts like moving users away from short passwords to longer passphrases.  But even as we are moving towards better password selection, most people don’t know that their old passwords […]

password manager

Here’s Why You Should be Using a Password Manager

I do not mean a notebook with handwritten passwords or even a spreadsheet.  I mean software designed specifically to generate and safely store your passwords.  We have all heard about sticky notes under the keyboard, or even worse on the monitor.  The current browsers can store your passwords for you and, assuming you have an […]


4 Benefits of a Single Sign On in Healthcare

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a single sign on (SSO) for your daily work routine? How many moments would be spent helping a patient, instead of staring at a screen trying to remember usernames or password credentials? Take a moment and consider this. How many applications, websites, and dashboards do you have to […]

Building Your Own Personal Business Continuity Plan

Just like any small business, the operation of your own household depends on reliable processes and access to technology.  What would happen if your household suddenly lost access to critical services like bill pay, banking or investment websites, or maybe you lost your phone or laptop, or perhaps even lost you?  Just like that small business, […]

FDA Warning Letter For Shared Passwords (And Other Offenses)

  On December 17, 2015, the FDA issued a warning letter to Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd. in Gujarat, India. Sun Pharma’s website boasts that it is the “World’s 5th Largest Specialty Generic Pharmaceutical Company” with over 2,000 products in more than 150 markets across the globe. When an organization that large winds up with a […]

Is your Google Search Appliance platform secure?

If you have read Google’s product literature, you know that the Google Search Appliance is a very secure device.  The bright yellow appliance runs a hardened version of CentOS, and the inner-workings are safely hidden behind root login. So, assuming we are dealing with an appliance with Fort Knox-level protection, what risks remain?  Below are several potential […]

LinkedIn Passwords Leaked!

LinkedIn is one of the main resource businesses and professionals use as a tool for social networking.  According to LinkedIn Press Center, the network has approximately 161 million members in over 200 countries and territories. According to Business Insider, 6.5 million encrypted LinedIn passwords have been leaked and dumped into a Russian hacker forum. Compare […]

Mass password resets in BPOS

Following on from mass BPOS account activations you can now perform mass password resets with the latest Microsoft Online Services Migration Tools. The PowerShell script below will read in a list of BPOS accounts and reset the password. The two fields you need in the CSV file are the email address and desired password. See […]