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New Year’s Resolutions: Paid Search Strategy in 2018

It’s time to rethink goals, objectives, strategies, and desires on both a personal and business level. In December we notice things that are off track (think waist lines and checking accounts). January is the time to fix it. For the paid search marketing team, there’s a lot to analyze after the crazy holiday season, but […]

Search Targeting – These Days, It’s Less About Search

Search targeting hasn’t been merely about keyword selection for quite a while. The continued evolution toward persona and intention targeting in recent years gives advertisers a new experience with unprecedented options. These days, search targeting has become more about figuring out who your customers are – where they go, what they research, their likes (and […]

New Native Ads in Bing: What You Need to Know

Bing Ads has started running a new kind of paid ad currently in beta called a native ad. Native ads are shown on non-search MSN web pages in line with the page’s content. The ad also has a relevance to the content on the page.  For example, a paid search ad selling car insurance might show […]

5 Google Paid Search Products You Need to Know

For many digital marketers, the Fall of 2011 might be remembered for bringing dynamic advertising to paid search. Google’s newest offering, said to flip “the search engine on its head,” does away with the traditional keyword advertising approach in lieu of matching landing pages with the right user search. Dynamic Search Ads is just one […]