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How to Test Apache HttpClient in the Context of AEM

If you’ve ever written a proxy servlet in AEM, chances are you’ve used Apache’s HttpComponents library. While a great library, there are not many resources online for how to test it when used inside your code. If you have not seen my post, The Ultimate Code Quality Setup for your AEM project  , you should check it […]

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Markdown in AEM with Flexmark

Markdown is a light markup language with text-based syntax which can be converted to HTML, PDFs or any number of different styled formats. Markdown is a popular format for text-heavy content such as documentation, wiki content and comments as it is easy to maintain and read the content without the added complexity of including formatting. […]

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3 Gotchas in Migrating from Felix SCR to OSGi R6 Annotations

If you are on or considering upgrading to AEM 6.3+ and not already migrating to the OSGi R6 DS annotations, you need to start! These annotations are the officially supported method of defining OSGi Services, Components and Configurations and should be used on any new AEM development. Getting older codebases upgraded, however can be a […]


How to Incorporate Front End Builds into OSGi Bundles

The Sling Content Loader allows for creating OSGi bundles which contain content loaded into the Sling Repository. This works well for static content but doesn’t work so well for dynamic content. This includes when using modern Front End development tools to compile and minify Sass / JS, especially when integrating with the Maven build process. Among the challenges are:   Invoking the […]

Handling Large Resolution Images in AEM

Recently I ran into an issue where one of my images was not appearing correctly on my Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) page. Upon a closer look, it appeared that AEM was downscaling the web image when used in my Image Component. After hours of research, we discovered this is an issue driven by the default […]

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AEM 6.3: Handling Feelings of Deprecation

Have you noticed new warnings showing up on your JSONObject? Have your Felix SCR Annotations not been looking quite right? If so, you may have a case of AEM 6.3.     AEM 6.3 is the latest version of Adobe Experience Manager. While this new version comes with some great new features such as Content […]

OSGi on Enterprise Portals

I recently had a chance to give a presentation about OSGi on Liferay 7 at the Chicago Liferay User Group as OSGi is proven to help build, package and maintain robust API’s for Java based Enterprise software components running in the Cloud or On Premise. Attenders included architects, BAs and developers from different companies across […]