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A User Enablement Success Story: Accelerating CTMS User Knowledge With Customized Training

Clinical trial success relies on a variety of factors, including a well-trained and enabled team on the study’s front lines. Clinical research organizations (CROs) leverage highly specialized systems that are often tailored to the organization. While general CTMS platform training can be helpful for these users, it often fails to consider the CROs specific workflows […]

CTMS Clinical Supply Tracking

[Video] 3 Ways to Track Clinical Supplies in Oracle Siebel CTMS

I recently recorded a video in which I discuss three cost-effective methods to track clinical supplies in Oracle’s clinical trial management system (CTMS): Out-of-the-box clinical supply management (no configuration) Clinical supply management with minimum-level effort configurations Enhanced clinical supply management with medium-level effort configurations This short video shows you just several of the different options […]

Oracle Siebel

Is Your Oracle Siebel CTMS Application Slow?

Is your Oracle Siebel CTMS Application slow? Siebel message broadcasting could be the reason! The Siebel message broadcasting feature is typically used by application system administrators to send important information to application end users about system downtime and system availability. In recent Open UI versions of Siebel, this notification appears at the top right corner […]

Hidden Properties in Siebel Tools

A colleague of mine recently informed me that there are hidden properties in Siebel Tools. This post will share how to make these properties available. In your Tools.cfg file set this value: ClientConfigurationMode = All The complete list of object types can be found here. Some of the more interesting object types include: Applet | […]

How To Find Oracle Siebel CTMS Patchset Release 16.14

A couple of months ago, I wrote a blog post on how to find and install the latest patchset release for Siebel IP2016. While we’re in the middle of 2017 and still waiting for IP2017 to be released, Oracle managed to sneak in another patch release for IP2016. Below are a couple of screenshots that […]

Branding Siebel CTMS To Match Your Company’s Look And Feel [VIDEO]

We’re all users of software. Put us in front of two systems – one that looks outdated and unorganized, and one that looks good and structurally makes sense – and I bet you’d gravitate to the latter one. In fact, although I didn’t conduct a poll, I’m sure we’d all choose the latter. It’s not […]

Populating A Sponsor’s Clinical Trial Management System With CRO Data

Many pharma, biotech and medical device companies are moving towards an outsourced clinical trial management model. This approach eliminates the need for them to run their own trials and, instead, allows them to rely on clinical research organizations (CROs) to conduct them. In last week’s webinar, “Automatically Retrieving and Loading Data into Siebel CTMS from […]