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Oracle OpenWorld: 10 Things You Should Know about Kubernetes

As many of you know, Kubernetes is a hot topic in the cloud world and it’s important to anyone on any cloud platform.  Michael Schildmeijer presented on the topic of Oracle and Kubernetes. But first, a quick definition: Kubernetes is an open-source container-orchestration system for automating deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications. It was originally […]

OpenWorld: Analytics Roadmap, The Next Generation is Near

Del Clark, Dave Granholm, and Stefan Schmitz spoke on the future of analytics: When information is delivered in the context of a key business role or process, there is immediate understanding. However, it’s more than contextual information—it’s about key performance indicators to manage performance, exploring drivers of performance, and leveraging machine learning to enhance your […]

Need to Upload BAI2 Bank Statements? (Pt. 3)

In my previous blog posts (Part 1 and Part 2), I reviewed the steps to configure the system, so it will read the bank transaction codes. Now I will review the import and upload process, which is the final step in manually loading your bank statements. The process is very simple because it is similar […]

Oracle BICS and Cloud (Fusion) Apps Integration Architecture

In my last post, I described the methods of reporting from Oracle Cloud (Fusion) Apps.  In that post I illustrated the advantage of using BICS and Data Sync to provide a true Enterprise Data Warehouse due to its abilities to integrate data from all our your cloud, relational, big data and flat file sources.  This […]

R11 Oracle Cloud SCM Plan to Produce Highlights: 30,000-Foot View

In release 11, Oracle delivers Manufacturing Cloud. This is a huge release for Oracle at Oracle OpenWorld 2015, and all of the functionality will be revealed during conference sessions. In this video, Samantha German, Practice Leader, Cloud ERP at Perficient, delivers a 30,000-foot view of Cloud SCM, the applications that will be available, the product […]

Perficient & CPI Card Group: An Oracle OpenWorld BICS Case Study

Interested to get a closer look at how quick-to-deploy and scale-able Oracle BI Cloud Service is? Meet us at Oracle Open World on Oct 29th, for a best practices and case study of CPI Card Group, a leading provider in payment card production and services. Tyler Wilson of CPI Card Group will join me in telling […]

Oracle OpenWorld: Service Cloud Roadmap

David Fulton, Director of Product Development for Oracle Service Cloud, presented on the roadmap for the entire cloud / set of products within the cloud. Agenda Web Customer Service (WCS) definition WCS Trends Business Challenges that WCS addresses Product Overview Roadmap

Government, Social and Crisis Management

Governments have changed over time and must continue to change as technologies and need evolve.   Government is far more complex with the need to listen and engage across multiple channels.  But the importance increases in times of crisis.  By crisis we mean something like a disaster and not political fallout.  When crisis happen, people […]

CRM and Eloqua Best Practices

Jim Sibley gave a presentation on best practices when it comes to work with the two systems together. Your first question should be, “What are we trying to solve? Sales (examples) Prove Marketers value Horsepower Information – data provided from Eloqua to Salesforce Service Communications – great communication tool to talk to existing customers Automation […]

A Sky High View of Oracle Social

80% of customers purchase based on social and digital behavior. This impacts every part of the customer journey. It impacts learning, customer service and even advocacy.  This changes the role of the CMO to be less about brand and more about relationships.  So that also means that marketing has to think about product edcuation, sales, […]

Oracle OpenWorld: Oracle Mobile

Mobile has a lot of requirements.  You have to support bring your own device, support multiple form factors, and take into account integration and security.  Any mobile foundation needs to take all this into account. 93% of enterprises are concerned with data Oracle’s moble strategy is built on the following: Build your own apps Use […]

B2B Marketers Need Strategy Too

In the marketing world, you see a lot of time in the digital world spent on consumer marketing.  But so much of marketing also focuses on business to busienss, channel, partner, or other non-consumer marketing.  In this regard, marketers here can use marketing and social cloud capabilities. Where do you start?

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