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Government, Social and Crisis Management

Governments have changed over time and must continue to change as technologies and need evolve.   Government is far more complex with the need to listen and engage across multiple channels.  But the importance increases in times of crisis.  By crisis we mean something like a disaster and not political fallout.  When crisis happen, people […]

CRM and Eloqua Best Practices

Jim Sibley gave a presentation on best practices when it comes to work with the two systems together. Your first question should be, “What are we trying to solve? Sales (examples) Prove Marketers value Horsepower Information – data provided from Eloqua to Salesforce Service Communications – great communication tool to talk to existing customers Automation […]

Oracle OpenWorld Monday Keynote

Sunday’s keynote focused on the hybrid cloud and on where Oracle stands with SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.  This keynote comes with the title, “The Business Value of The Cloud.”  It should be interesting to hear Mark Hurd and the CTO of Intel talk about it. Recap from last night’s keynote: Introduced 173 new SaaS apps […]

Oracle OpenWorld Keynote: Larry Ellison

Intel’s preliminary presentation gave us a lot of information on the optimization of software and silicon and the trend to use a hybrid approach to cloud. (public and private). Larry Ellison, now the Executive Chairman and Chief Technology Officer, came onto the stage. 2014 has been an important year. Oracle gained a lot of momentum […]

Oracle OpenWorld Keynote: Renee James President of Intel

So far Oracle Open World is full of pomp and circumstance with a lot of messaging around how a combined set of platforms with database, cloud, hardware, and software on all of it positions Oracle better than anyone else.   We can’t play cloud bingo because EVERYTHING is moving to the cloud but as Oracle […]