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Three Things to Know About Next Generation Reporting in Oracle’s EPM Platform

Oracle is introducing major enhancements to its EPM reporting capabilities with the February 2021 update. These enhancements will undoubtedly provide Oracle EPM customers the opportunity to expand their current reporting abilities to meet the challenges facing organizations today. Continue reading below as we touch on three things every customer must know about the new functionality […]

Navigating FCCS Intricacies for a Smooth Deployment Part 1

The successful deployment of Financial Consolidation and Close (FCC) remains a discussion point within the FCC community more than three years after FCC made its debut.  While Oracle invested time and effort to standardize consolidation rules, the intricacies and variety within the field of financial consolidations presents its own challenges. Oracle began offering their cloud […]

Navigating FCCS Intricacies for a Smooth Deployment Part 2

In the previous post, I began listing topics for consideration when building a FCC application.  I will continue the discussion on how to remain connected to the FCC community. FCC Forum and Oracle Cloud Readiness Knowing where to find information or how to reach out to fellow peers is the first step.  Oracle has an […]