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Multi-Year Multi-Period Data Load

Sometimes we need to load multiple years and periods of data planning or Essbase, like a business plan or forecast data. Data Management/FDMEE provides the different options for loading multiple years and periods data from the file, depending on the different file formats. If data is in a single column and both Year and Period […]

Secure Development Policy

EPBCS – Troubleshooting Security Issues in a Smarter Way

EPBCS Security Setting up EPBCS security sometimes may look simple but gets complicated when the number of users and level of security among the EPBCS users gets complex. This blog is not to detail out the security setups done in EPBCS but its more about giving some tricks to resolve the security issues in a faster […]

EPBCS – Performance Load Testing Using EPM Automate and HAR

EPBCS Performance is another key area which we focus on our Planning Projects during UAT. Oracle recommends to use HAR files to track the steps executed by users in Smartview or business rules executed from planning data forms. Oracle recommends to install Fiddler tool to create these HAR Files. EPM Automate has a replay command which can […]

How to Eliminate Intercompany Errors with AGIS

Oracle’s Strategic Modeling – What You Wanted to Know

Strategic Modeling Although many organizations have moved to cloud-based financial planning solutions, there are still those individuals that utilize spreadsheets for strategic, long-range planning and what-if analysis. Oracle’s latest cloud module, Strategic Modeling, eases the transition for these late adopters by leveraging Oracle’s existing EPBCS suite, giving users the ability to perform modeling and analysis […]