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[Perspective] Why Pfizer Implemented Oracle CTMS in the Cloud

Many companies in the life sciences industry experience rapid global growth, both organically as well as through merger and acquisition. While growth is, of course, great and welcome, it also comes with some challenges. With respect to clinical operations and clinical trial management, aligning processes can be rather challenging as different parts of the business […]

Cloud CTMS for Pfizer

[Perspective] A Cloud CTMS Was a Requirement for Pfizer

While Pfizer’s IT team had been supporting the legacy CTMS and other clinical systems for many years, the company’s current strategy centers on implementing cloud solutions. The reason for this approach is to reduce the burden on internal resources and reduce the need to invest in IT infrastructure. Having different, nuanced processes and decentralized data […]

How To Disable List Applet Exports In Siebel In Just 3 Steps

As you might know, by default, you can export data from any Siebel list applet. Here is where you invoke the export: Recently, I had a client who wished to disable the ability to export data from Siebel, except for in one particular view. I’ve never seen this documented anywhere before, so I thought I […]

Populating A Sponsor’s Clinical Trial Management System With CRO Data

Many pharma, biotech and medical device companies are moving towards an outsourced clinical trial management model. This approach eliminates the need for them to run their own trials and, instead, allows them to rely on clinical research organizations (CROs) to conduct them. In last week’s webinar, “Automatically Retrieving and Loading Data into Siebel CTMS from […]