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Western Alliance Bank is Innovating with Oracle Cloud [Webinar]

Western Alliance Bank had good visibility into profitability but lacked a platform that could pull data from different sources, model it, and create visual stories that empowered users to spot opportunities, forecast efficiently, and reduce risk. Andrew Boucher, former vice president of FP&A at Western Alliance Bank, led the bank’s effort to find a cloud […]

Best Practices for Extracting Data from BICS Using Data Sync

The need exists for the ability to read and extract data from BICS, especially when the ETL strategy involves a Staging approach, as written about in Best Practice to ETL with Data Sync (BICS). But Data Sync does not support the direct data read from BICS. The built-in Oracle (BICS) connection in Data Sync only supports a data write to BICS. […]

BICS Best Practices for Modeling Conformed Logical Dimensions

Common dimensions are required for cross-facts reporting, and are oftentimes referred to as conformed dimensions. A dimension can be conformed through its data consolidation, or its logical data model. Data consolidation is useful for conforming the dimension data which has the same hierarchy level, and happens in MDM and ETL processes. A logical dimension is very useful for conforming the […]

BICS Lift and Shift from OBIEE

Recently I led a comprehensive analysis and POC for lift and shift of on-premises 11g to Oracle BI Cloud Service (BICS). The lift and shift approach is gaining popularity as it offers a hybrid BI Cloud without having to worry about data security and recreating metadata in the cloud. BICS can leverage the on-premises repository […]

A Best Practice for Creating Dynamic Column Reports in BICS

If you ever had a requirement or thought of creating an analysis report in BICS to display report columns dynamically, but later had to give it up due to the complexity, you might find this blog post is what you’ve been waiting for. I am going to show you how easily such a report can be created […]

Configure Data Sync (BICS) to Load Staging Database

In this blog, I will finish the Best Practice to ETL with Data Sync (BICS) post by showing you how to configure the Data Sync to load data in staging database. First, set up a new database connection in Data Sync for SQL Server or Oracle database. For SQL Server > Set Connection Type to MSSQL > Fill in the rest […]

Best Practice to ETL with Data Sync (BICS)

As Oracle BI Cloud Service (BICS) starts to become popular, I am going to write a series blogs about best use of the Data Sync to upload data to BICS schema service.  In this post, I am going to share with you a best practice to use Data Sync for ETL. As an ETL tool, Data […]

Build a 360-Degree View of Customers with BICS

As businesses expand into new areas of marketing they’re adopting hybrid applications, both on-premises and cloud, to support their growing needs. But multiple applications silo customer information across the business, limiting a 360-degree view of the customer and the ability to analyze different marketing initiatives. Join us for this encore presentation delivered at Oracle OpenWorld […]

How to Make the Move to the Cloud – Part 2

In Part 1 of How to Make the Move to the Cloud, I covered the first three of five steps to ensure a successful move to the cloud. Having assessed your current application footprint, secured both business and leadership sponsors and developed a migration plan, it’s time to engage with your implementation team and execute […]

What you need to know about BICS Remote Data Connector (RDC) 1.1

For companies that are happy with their on-premise data warehouse there is a fear of having to create a new data warehouse when migrating to the cloud.  Luckily for Oracle BI Cloud Service customers there are two excellent ways to avoid having to redo your warehouse.  The first method is using Oracle BICS Data Sync to do […]

Oracle BICS now delivers Insight to your Inbox

In the August 2016 update of Oracle BI Cloud Service (BICS), Oracle has added a great new feature: scheduled report delivery, simply called Deliveries.  In a nutshell, Deliveries is a scheduling system that emails reports on an instantaneous or regular basis.  The scheduler itself is found in the BICS Console as seen below.  Once you click on […]

How to Improve Reporting in the Cloud: A CPI Card Group Story

Globalization is driving companies to keep up with innovation in order to stay competitive.  The ability to procure, analyze, and report real-time information to internal and external stakeholders regardless of their location is becoming a necessity to remain viable. According to the global market intelligence firm International Data Corp. (IDC), more than half of enterprises’ […]

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