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Signal 2019

Go-Forward Strategies and Options for Oracle BI Applications Customers [Webinar]

Since 2007, many companies have adopted Oracle BI Applications as the foundation for their data and analytics platforms. Today, Oracle considers the platform to be content-complete with controlled availability and the final version scheduled to release in mid-2020. Existing customers are strongly advised to take a proactive approach to defining and executing a go-forward strategy […]

Creating Oracle BI Publisher Report using Template Builder

Template Builder is an add-in to Microsoft Word that simplifies the development of RTF templates for creating Reports. In this example we will create a template for an Invoice which will be used to create an Invoice Report in BI. Create a New Data Model . In This example , the following SQL Query is […]

Delving into Web Service through ODI

Today, enterprises are dealing with different data sources and targets, SaS to CRM, Data Warehouse, Social Media, etc.., Integration of data is at the heart of every initiative. Building a Data Warehouse should be initiated from both ETL as well as Data integration perspective. In order to fulfill this requirement, ODI comes into picture. ODI […]

Understanding Extract Strategy in Oracle DAC

Almost every type of ETL tool has its extract and load strategy with its configurations. In general the user should be concentrated in full load (aka initial load) and incremental load options in whatever tools to utilize. Oracle BI Apps component provides straightforward options to let developer configure appropriate approaches to achieve data load in […]