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Crafting a Secure User Login Page with Next.js and Optimizely Commerce API: A Step-by-Step Guide

In this blog, let’s dive into creating a secure user login page with Next.js and integrating it with Optimizely’s Commerce APIs. Here are the steps you can follow: Setting Up Optimizely Configured Commerce Project: First, ensure you have an Optimizely Configured Commerce project running on your local machine with the necessary APIs. The hosted Optimizely […]

Diverse Modern Office: Businessman Leads Business Meeting With Managers, Talks, Uses Presentation Tv With Statistics, Infographics. Digital Entrepreneurs Work On E Commerce Project.

Optimizely Configured Commerce(Spire): Integrating Third-Party NPM Packages

It is frequently necessary to use external libraries and packages in the constantly changing world of web development. For Spire, integrating third-party NPM packages into the system smoothly requires following certain procedures and considerations. Understanding the Setup within Spire Third-party NPM packages can be installed within Spire’s framework by clients and partners. It’s not quite […]

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Optimizely Configured Commerce – Learn CMS Spire 5.X Part-4

In this blog, we will learn below points: Creating a custom widget in Spire In this blog post, we will explore the process of replacing creating a custom widget in Spire, a popular content management system. I will provide examples and step-by-step instructions for create a custom widget, along with details on implementing these changes […]

ERP Migrations: An Opportunity for Corporate Treasury

Optimizely Configured Commerce – Learn CMS Spire 5.X Part-2

In this blog, we will learn below points: Understanding 5.x Architecture for Spire CMS How to start a Spire project? Follow the instructions below for use with Visual Studio Code Creating new blueprints in Spire Understanding 5.x Architecture for Spire CMS The 4-tier architecture of B2B Commerce (ISC) 5.x is described in this blog. Architecture […]

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Maximizing Build Monitoring with Optimizely B2B Commerce Cloud: A Look at Two Powerful Approaches

Have you ever found yourself in the following situations: When you pushed your Extension changes in the Sandbox branch and wondering whether your build was deployed on Sandbox, Whether TeamCity picked up the right change-sets from the last build you pushed on the Sandbox branch, What happens when multiple team members pushed extension DLLs in […]

Six Simple Steps to Adding Pages in the Optimizely Admin Console

Optimizely is a leading digital experience commerce platform with more out-of-the-box B2B commerce capabilities for providing customization based on clients’ specific needs. During the integration of Optimizely B2B Commerce for one of our clients, we ran into a scenario where there was a need to extend the Optimizely B2B Commerce admin console. Optimizely has a […]