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Oracle OpenWorld: 10 Things You Should Know about Kubernetes

As many of you know, Kubernetes is a hot topic in the cloud world and it’s important to anyone on any cloud platform.  Michael Schildmeijer presented on the topic of Oracle and Kubernetes. But first, a quick definition: Kubernetes is an open-source container-orchestration system for automating deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications. It was originally […]

Oracle OpenWorld: Accelerating Growth in the Cloud Keynote

At OpenWorld 2018, Mark Hurd, CEO of Oracle, walked us through success in the cloud with a range of experts. Accelerating growth in the cloud may depend on political, economic and technology factors that companies need to consider as they upgrade to the cloud. Mark Hurd will discuss and lead conversations with geopolitical experts and […]

Oracle Enterprise Management Updates

OpenWorld: Oracle Cloud Platform Strategy

Today, Oracle Openword kicked off in San Francisco, CA. During one of the first sessions of OpenWorld, Amit Zavery (@azavery), Executive Vice President of Fusion Middleware and PaaS Development, walked us through where Oracle is going with all of their cloud platforms but with a special focus on PaaS. Learn about the strategy and vision for […]

Oracle OpenWorld: When Social Data = Opportunity

Disparate data creates marketing complexity and lost revenue.  82% of enterprise marketers have no synchronized view of customer data.  The promise of having a 260 degree view of a customer is beautiful but it represents a big challenge. first party data – from you send party data- from your partners in the same ecosystem third […]

A Sky High View of Oracle Social

80% of customers purchase based on social and digital behavior. This impacts every part of the customer journey. It impacts learning, customer service and even advocacy.  This changes the role of the CMO to be less about brand and more about relationships.  So that also means that marketing has to think about product edcuation, sales, […]

What’s New from Open World 2012 Part One

Well, day one is officially in the books for Open World 2012 and it has been exciting.  For those of you who were in town on Sunday to attend the various special interest group (SIG) conferences it is obviously day two.  Either way there have been some informative sessions presented by the various presenters at […]