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CRM and Eloqua Best Practices

Jim Sibley gave a presentation on best practices when it comes to work with the two systems together. Your first question should be, “What are we trying to solve? Sales (examples) Prove Marketers value Horsepower Information – data provided from Eloqua to Salesforce Service Communications – great communication tool to talk to existing customers Automation […]

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A Sky High View of Oracle Social

80% of customers purchase based on social and digital behavior. This impacts every part of the customer journey. It impacts learning, customer service and even advocacy.  This changes the role of the CMO to be less about brand and more about relationships.  So that also means that marketing has to think about product edcuation, sales, […]

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Open World: Tuesday Keynote with Didier Bonnet

The keynote kicks off with Dr. Didier Bonnet of Capgemini talks about leading digital transformation.  He is a co-author of the book, Leading Digital (to be published shortly).  He covered a lot of the themes of the book and gave a great presentation.  His book will be worth a read. We fundamentally believe we are at […]

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Oracle OpenWorld: Oracle Mobile

Mobile has a lot of requirements.  You have to support bring your own device, support multiple form factors, and take into account integration and security.  Any mobile foundation needs to take all this into account. 93% of enterprises are concerned with data Oracle’s moble strategy is built on the following: Build your own apps Use […]

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B2B Marketers Need Strategy Too

In the marketing world, you see a lot of time in the digital world spent on consumer marketing.  But so much of marketing also focuses on business to busienss, channel, partner, or other non-consumer marketing.  In this regard, marketers here can use marketing and social cloud capabilities. Where do you start?

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Healthcare Interoperability – Motivators for Change

Having many siloed healthcare applications that don’t easily exchange information has been the trademark of health information technology, denying patients and providers the benefits that interoperable health information makes possible. Government regulations and the evolving healthcare landscape enforce the need for interoperability throughout the continuum of care. Integrated systems streamline data sharing, support population health […]

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Understanding the Value of Care–Labor Cost Transparency #OOW14

The current issue of HFMA’s Healthcare Cost Containment newsletter reports that “Labor Cost Transparency” has surpassed “Healthcare Legislation and Mandates” as the biggest driver of healthcare costs according to more than 40% of CEO, CFO and other C-suite executives from more than 112 hospitals and health systems – a shift from six months ago.1 Costing […]

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#OOW14 is here!

OOW 2014 has finally arrived and Perficient will have a truly dynamic presence at this year’s conference. Our firm will be well represented by 30+ BDEs and practice leaders from the Oracle National Business Unit and its various pillar practices, as well as from a host of national practices within the firm, including: Healthcare Life […]

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How to Rapidly Deploy Budgeting & Forecasting with Oracle Cloud

In a recent blog post I discussed how nearly 90 percent of companies are still using spreadsheets and outdated technology for financial planning, budgeting and forecasting, which exposes them to unnecessary risks. Fortunately, as more and more technology solutions are being pushed to the cloud, finance departments and CFOs can elevate their budgeting and forecasting […]

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Oracle OpenWorld: Customer Experience Keynote

Your customer has changed.  Customers don’t trust business to provide guidance. They trust friends.  You want to be able to interact with your customers where they are and with what they are doing. 97% of execs say customer experience is critical 30% say that are just getting starting with CX 20% consider their customer experience […]

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Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Services

After attending the Keynote sessions yesterday at  #OOW14, I walked away with three key product directions for customers to consider: Cloud Strategy Big Data Strategy Insights on your data ( Analytics) This is a very exciting time for us as a leading Oracle BI Implementation Partner to be able to take our expertise of leading […]

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Oracle OpenWorld Monday Keynote

Sunday’s keynote focused on the hybrid cloud and on where Oracle stands with SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.  This keynote comes with the title, “The Business Value of The Cloud.”  It should be interesting to hear Mark Hurd and the CTO of Intel talk about it. Recap from last night’s keynote: Introduced 173 new SaaS apps […]

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Perficient High-Performance Costing Expressway at #OOW14

The Perficient High-Performance Costing Expressway is powered by Oracle’s Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management as the costing engine and includes key data integrations to the Oracle Enterprise Health Analytics data model for data acquisition from the data warehouse.  We also equip the solution with baseline cost mappings to get started.   See the recent costing webinar […]

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Oracle OpenWorld Keynote: Larry Ellison

Intel’s preliminary presentation gave us a lot of information on the optimization of software and silicon and the trend to use a hybrid approach to cloud. (public and private). Larry Ellison, now the Executive Chairman and Chief Technology Officer, came onto the stage. 2014 has been an important year. Oracle gained a lot of momentum […]

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What are the Technical Characteristics of the Cloud?

In part two of my conversation with JP Morgenthal, director of Perficient’s cloud computing & devops practice, we focused on the technical characteristics of cloud and the five essential characteristics that are broadly adopted for what technically comprises a cloud solution. The following five characteristics are further grouped into three service models Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service […]

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Healthcare Analytics that DRIVE Enterprise Data Warehouses #OOW14

In HIMSS14, I wrote about the Healthcare Treasure Map.  Not any treasure map, but an end to end all Clinical and Research PATIENT CENTERED Healthcare domain data model – the Enterprise Healthcare Analytics (EHA).  Colleagues refer to it as THE healthcare data model – similar to how NFL players announce their universities, “THE University of […]

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Developing Your Cloud Strategy

Leading up to Oracle Open World, I had the chance to sit down with JP Morgenthal, director of Perficient’s, cloud computing & devops practice. We spoke about cloud, market trends, and our solutions that help clients navigate cloud and devops. In this 4-part video series we will cover some of the many questions Perficient has […]

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Perficient’s Oracle Sales Cloud Specialization

Perficient, a leading information technology and management consulting firm serving Global 2000 and other large enterprise customers throughout North America, and a Platinum level member of Oracle Partner Network (OPN), announced it has achieved OPN Specialized status for Oracle Sales Cloud. To achieve OPN Specialized status, Oracle partners are required to meet a stringent set […]

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Modernizing Healthcare Interoperability with Oracle | #OOW14

Technology is opening up opportunities to move us further down the path of “best” outcomes AND more cost effectively than ever before. That is a tsunami that cannot be stopped. The use of personal health information in the delivery of care, optimizing outcomes and administering care within a cost context that our nation can afford […]

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De-mystifying the budgeting process #OOW14

This week, my colleagues within the Perficient Enterprise Performance Management team will be discussing Rapidly Deploying Budgeting and Forecasting with Oracle and Perficient on Wednesday, September 17, 2014 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM CT.  Join the webinar to listen in! As I mentioned in my Blog:  The good ‘ole budgeting days are back!, this solution […]

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