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Oracle Leaders Circle Focus on Women’s Leadership

For Day Two of Oracle’s Leaders Circle, participants had the option to again select from a series of Industry summit programs or the Oracle Women’s Leadership Summit (OWL). I selected the OWL Program, not really knowing what to expect, hoping that it would not be more of the same ‘woe is me – a woman […]

Insights from Oracle’s Leader Circle Program at #OOW14

I wanted to take an opportunity to share excellent insights while attending the Oracle Leader’s Circle Program while at Oracle OpenWorld 2014. Let me start with the Finance Session that kicked off Day One. This segment was co-sponsored by Deloitte Consulting. The morning’s first presentation – Modern Finance Best Practices in the Digital Age – was […]

Oracle OpenWorld: When Social Data = Opportunity

Disparate data creates marketing complexity and lost revenue.  82% of enterprise marketers have no synchronized view of customer data.  The promise of having a 260 degree view of a customer is beautiful but it represents a big challenge. first party data – from you send party data- from your partners in the same ecosystem third […]

Oracle OpenWorld: Service Cloud Roadmap

David Fulton, Director of Product Development for Oracle Service Cloud, presented on the roadmap for the entire cloud / set of products within the cloud. Agenda Web Customer Service (WCS) definition WCS Trends Business Challenges that WCS addresses Product Overview Roadmap

Government, Social and Crisis Management

Governments have changed over time and must continue to change as technologies and need evolve.   Government is far more complex with the need to listen and engage across multiple channels.  But the importance increases in times of crisis.  By crisis we mean something like a disaster and not political fallout.  When crisis happen, people […]

Oracle OpenWorld Keynote: Renee James President of Intel

So far Oracle Open World is full of pomp and circumstance with a lot of messaging around how a combined set of platforms with database, cloud, hardware, and software on all of it positions Oracle better than anyone else.   We can’t play cloud bingo because EVERYTHING is moving to the cloud but as Oracle […]

Healthcare Analytics that DRIVE Enterprise Data Warehouses #OOW14

In HIMSS14, I wrote about the Healthcare Treasure Map.  Not any treasure map, but an end to end all Clinical and Research PATIENT CENTERED Healthcare domain data model – the Enterprise Healthcare Analytics (EHA).  Colleagues refer to it as THE healthcare data model – similar to how NFL players announce their universities, “THE University of […]