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In Pursuit of Supply Chain Excellence: Perficient Webinar Featuring Forrester Consulting

Ecommerce has revolutionized the way businesses in every industry operate and provides endless possibilities to expand sales channels, grow revenue, and elevate the customer experience. But with digital growth comes new complexities, and many companies are missing out on the benefits of ecommerce due to manual, rule-based order management processes. By shifting your focus to […]

Ecommerce is Dead, Long Live Digital Commerce

In the past, ecommerce was believed to be the simple act of building a commerce website for your business and seeing how your customers used it. However, many B2B sites weren’t performing well or able to adapt to this approach because they lacked the specific resources and knowledge needed to be successful and even felt […]

Musings on attaching a document to a list item in SharePoint 2010 using the Client OM, Lists.asmx, and ListData.svc

The Client Object Model (OM) in SharePoint 2010 is great for many things, but it seems that it is not great for adding the first attachment to a list item. The problem is that the OM is unable to create the attachments folder for a list item. When no folder exists, attempting to add an […]