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OneDrive – Massive Storage Increase to 15 GB FREE!

Microsoft has done it again, raising the free storage limit for all customers on OneDrive to 15 GB!! That’s up from 7 GB that was rolled out earlier this year. This announcement is for personal OneDrive and not OneDrive for Business – which has been at 1 TB of storage since April. Comparing to the other vendors […]

Microsoft Office Recent Updates

As Microsoft continues to improve its cloud offerings, there has been a stead stream of updates to the product lines. Since there is so much to keep up with, I wanted to collate all of these updates together for you! Below you’ll find information and links to all the recent updates to Office 365, Office […]

Goodbye Windows XP and Office 2003!

On April 8, 2014 Microsoft will officially end support for Windows XP and Office 2003. This means all software updates, security patches, and technical assistance will no longer be provided. Most of you will say, hey, big deal! We applaud those customers who have already adopted Windows 8.1 and Office 365. For those who haven’t, we […]

Office Online and OneDrive to Rule Them All

You may have heard about a little legal trouble Microsoft was in because of the name they chose for the SkyDrive service. Last month Microsoft announced the new OneDrive name and a small change to the paid version from SkyDrive Pro to OneDrive for Business. OneDrive is Microsoft’s foray into the cloud storage service market, competing with other […]