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OAuth 2.0 – What will it mean for your Skype for Business Users?

Security is one of the most important aspects within Information Technology. As technology advances so do the requirements for a robust security system to prevent breaches and threats to your data. To combat this, Microsoft will be implementing Microsoft Identity Platform 2.0 which will utilize OAuth 2.0. In this article we’ll be discussing this latest […]

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OAuth Dance with Mule – Connect 2018

Here is the full presentation converted to PDF: Oauth Dance with Mule – Connect 2018.PDF OAuth2 has become the de facto standard for REST APIs. Yet, there are still many misconceptions of OAuth2 and its relationship with REST API. This session will first cover the general OAuth2 topics: Is OAuth2 a protocol?  What are grant types […]

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How to Access Google Analytics API from IBM Integration Bus

In my current engagement, one of the projects required integration between Google Analytics (GA) and IBM Integration Bus (IIB). Google Analytics is built upon a powerful data reporting infrastructure which can be accessed using the Google Analytics Reporting API (V4 is the most current). Google APIs use OAuth 2.0 protocol for authentication and authorization. In this […]

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OAuth Dance with Mule External Provider

OAuth Dance sounds like such a romantic term in the otherwise boring IT landscape. The term also helps dazzle many beginners who are trying to grasp the essence of this seemingly magical new security mechanism. Although plenty has been said about OAuth2, I still find it is valuable to walk through all four OAuth grant […]

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Perficient Microsoft’s Hackathon

 Recently (prior to SharePoint 2013 going RTM), Perficient Microsoft hosted their semi-annual Hackathon focusing on the new SharePoint 2013 App Model. We had 6 teams compete (one team was entirely remote with not a single person in the same room, ah the power of Lync!), and I was so amazed by the wide variety of […]

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SharePoint 2013: Claims Infrastructure – Part II

Welcome to Part II of SharePoint 2013 Claims Infrastructure.  Previously I wrote about the Distributed Cache Service and how it will revolutionize the authentication model in SharePoint 2013 (along with a lot of other great use cases).  In this post, I want to focus on the way Open Authentication (OAuth) works with SharePoint Apps and […]

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Lotusphere Jump Start – The Social Busines Toolkit

Empowering the Exceptional Web Experience with the IBM Social Business Toolkit Lotusphere was last week and I had an opportunity to attend one of the jumpstart sessions on 1/15/2012 titled “Empowering the Exceptional Web Experience with the IBM Social Business Toolkit” with Mike Taylor and Paul Bastide, software engineers from IBM.Social Business Toolkit is available on […]

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