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3 Ways Financial Services Institutions Can Reap the Benefits of a Data-Driven Mindset

Given that 81.5% of Americans are considered “fully banked,” many opportunities exist for financial services institutions to take advantage of the vast amount of customer data they possess. Here are three ways financial services institutions can reap the benefits of a data-driven mindset.   1. Improved Productivity & Efficiency.  Institutions that prioritize their data will realize […]

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Perficient to Present with BNY Mellon at the North American Financial Information Summit (NAFIS)

Perficient is proud to sponsor the upcoming North American Financial Information Summit (NAFIS), taking place on May 16th, 2023. NAFIS is the largest North American data conference for banks and asset managers looking to the future of data in financial services. Registration is FREE if you work for a bank, asset manager, financial investor, fund […]