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The Salesforce Team Spills: Why Perficient

What It’s Like Working at Perficient Have you ever gotten off a team conference call and felt so powerful and inspired you were convinced your team could conquer the world? It feels good, right? Admittedly, while not every single call is like that (and a second cup of coffee by the declarer of that first […]

Mobile Sales Enablement

Our Tested Framework for Customer Service Community Success

Self-Service Communities Used for Customer Service On the Rise Trends show that customers prefer self-service communities when it comes to accessing support. Customers demand fast service anywhere, anytime. Today, customers have more choice: more products to buy, more information to influence purchasing decisions, and more devices and channels over which to seek customer service. What […]

How To Use Salesforce for Customer Service

It’s no secret that Salesforce is a leader the industry when it comes to customer service technology, with many current users looking to increase their investment. According to the Forbes, “61% of service organizations are increasing investments in actionable analytics within Salesforce. Integrating systems, reducing duplicate data entry, and implementing more responsive customer service are […]

Windows Phone 8 and the battle for relevancy

Windows Phone 8 has been fighting for relevancy in the market since its release. It has slowly but surely gaining market share in the US and Europe has recently seen an explosion of WP8 adoption partially due to very low cost hardware.  Microsoft and Nokia have been continuously pricing their full featured phones lower than the competition […]

Will Microsoft be the ultimate winner in the Apple, Samsung verdict?

Much of the press and blog coverage following Apple‘s billion dollar judgement against Samsung has focused on what it means for Google and Microsoft. The Washington Post’s Cecilia Kang in her post titled Apple’s patent victory spells changes in smartphones for consumers sums it up like this Apple’s big court victory against Samsung on Friday […]

Microsoft and Nokia, Building a Global Mobile Ecosystem

So Microsoft and Nokia have announced a new partnership.  I was wondering what Nokia would do to step onto the highway of the smartphone revolution.  They had a platform but at least in the United States, it hasn’t proven popular.  A thanks to Liza for tweeting it.  Here’s a few details: Under the proposed partnership: […]