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Nexus Implementation using Ant Build scripts

Nexus implementation using Ant Build scripts In general, we keep the required compile-time jars in the local file system to use at the time of build. To avoid local file system dependencies and inconsistencies, we can use central repositories. By integrating with repositories like Maven and Nexus, we can save the memory, and it is […]

2019 Sales Tax Changes [Webinar]

For anyone that deals with sales and use tax, this is the most important presentation to attend this year. It’s time to get prepared for the major tax changes taking effect across the United States. Our partner, Avalara, is bringing in U.S. tax policy expert and former executive director of the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing […]

Overview of Java Continuous Integration and Release Management

There are as many ways to versioning, building, continuous integration and release management as there are development shops, however there are some best practices and luckily these best practices also have tool support. First the players Versioning Handles the source code versions, also includes branching. Could be an old one like CVS or a newer […]