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SQL Tuning

In D & A Projects, building efficient SQL Queries is critical to achieving the Extraction and Load Batch cycles to complete faster and to meet the desired SLAs. The below observations are towards following the approaches to ensure writing SQL queries that meet the Best Practices to facilitate performance improvements. Tuning Approach Pre-Requisite Checks Before […]

The Difference Between Netezza and Dash DB Queries

Aginity Workbench is an interface used for working with IBM Netezza database. For cloud data warehouse, IBM has launched dashDB for which we use the Aginity for DashDB workbench. Queries we use in both Aginity and Aginity for DashDb are very similar with a few differences. In this blog, I would like to share the differences […]

HTML Report Generation from Database in Unix

Now-a-days most of the organizations/corporations are still using legacy software which produces output in the form of flat files. Integrating these flat files and text files with other data formats such as HTML, XML, etc. in a modern computing environment is increasingly difficult. Many tools are available in the market to convert flat file to […]

WebSphere Message Broker integration with Netezza using ODBC/JDBC

WebSphere Message Broker integration with Netezza using ODBC/JDBC

What is Netezza: At an extremely high level Netezza is a massively Parallel Process Database Appliance designed to process and analyze large amounts of data. Netezza’s core value is to keep the things simple and accelerating high performance analysis of data to help clients uncover insights into their business. One of the reasons of it’s performance […]

Video Demo: Netezza > Competition

Netezza is a leader in high-performance data warehousing appliances and advanced analytics applications. Now part of the IBM offering after a hefty $1.7 billion acquisition in 2010, Netezza has had the attention it deserves. So, how much faster is Netezza than a [nameless] data warehouse competitor? See for yourself in this side-by-side comparison: …embarrassing.