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Tips For Building A Cost Effective Devops Team

Tips for Building a Cost-Effective DevOps Team

DevOps is built on a foundation of collaboration, efficiency, and excellence, so it makes sense that organizations are investing in their DevOps teams, but how can businesses know if they are overspending in this area? As companies scale their applications they may want to invest more into DevOps, hiring additional developers and operations engineers to […]

Perficient Latin America Corp Receives All Star Distinction On Iaop 2020 Global Outsourcing 100

Perficient Latin America Corp Receives All-Star Distinction on IAOP 2020 Global Outsourcing 100®

Perficient Latin America Corp, a nearshore software development company, has been named an “All-Star” company by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP), positioning it among the best software outsourcing providers included on the 2020 Global Outsourcing 100 List. Judges ranked Perficient Latin America highest for its customer references, industry awards, and innovation and CSR […]

Devops, Ci/cd Pipelines And Agile: What Unites Them

DevOps, CI/CD Pipelines and Agile: What Unites Them?

Global demand for excellence has always driven the software development industry’s evolution. Over time, the emergence of Waterfall, Agile, and DevOps methodologies is evidence of this, as development companies constantly adapt their delivery methods to satiate the market. Right now, the industry is predominantly Agile, but DevOps is catching up fast and becoming the methodology […]

Engaging Retrospectives For Constant Team Improvement: A Brief Guide

Engaging Retrospectives for Constant Team Improvement: A Brief Guide

Agile retrospectives are not usually the most exciting aspect of software development, but they can be far more engaging when seen as a platform to motivate teams. Retrospective meetings provide a valuable opportunity for agile or DevOps teams to reflect on the ups and downs of each iteration, allowing them to identify actions for improvement […]

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6 Ways to Foster Innovation in Outsourcing Projects

Innovation is no longer just a buzzword, it’s a necessary part of doing business. Organizations around the world are finding that innovation can occur in every corner of the company, from sales and human resources to products and customer services. The challenge, however, is accelerating that innovation and embracing it as part of the business […]

5 Nearshore Development Trends To Watch Closely In 2020

5 Nearshore Development Trends to Watch Closely in 2020

As we reflect on another decade of growth within the nearshore software development industry, the dawn of 2020 encourages us to take a fresh look at the trends that might shape the region’s IT services sector in the coming year. With its large pool of software engineering talent, high levels of English proficiency, convenient time […]

Why Nearshoring To Colombia And Medellin Has Never Been More Attractive

Why Nearshoring to Colombia and Medellin Has Never Been More Attractive

While Medellin is Perficient Latin America’s birthplace and headquarters, over the years we’ve begun utilizing the whole of Colombia (check back for some exciting location news in 2020!) as a hub for innovation and evolution in the nearshore software development outsourcing space. Opportunities for technology and nearshoring in Colombia are booming, and it’s never been […]

4 Tips For Ensuring Quality In Software Development

4 Tips for Ensuring Quality in Software Development

Believe it or not, it’s near impossible to develop bug-free software. Even the world’s most widely used applications have noticeable defects here and there, despite having large teams of Quality Assurance (QA) experts behind them. It’s a common misconception that QA teams should uncover every single bug through testing. In fact, their main objective is […]

Reducing Vendor Lock In With A Cloud Agnostic Approach

Reducing Vendor Lock-in with a Cloud-Agnostic Approach

While there are plenty of cases in life where vendor loyalty is rewarding, cloud services do not fall under this category. Full dependence on any one vendor is a dangerous thing as you’re trusting that it will be around forever or is impervious to a security breach. If you’re locked in with a single vendor […]

Perficient Latin America Listed Among Top Machine Learning Companies Worldwide

Perficient Latin America Listed Among Top Machine Learning Companies Worldwide

Perficient Latin America is making waves in machine learning and shows no sign of stopping! Most recently, Perficient Latin America was listed #5 worldwide for machine learning services by With over 832 organizations vying to be listed in the top 15, those that make the leaders matrix are among the most skilled in the […]

Improving Performance Visibility In The Software Development Lifecycle

Improving Performance Visibility in the Software Development Lifecycle

Coding, deployment, monitoring, staging; everything within the software development lifecycle should be performance-oriented. If not, one of them quickly becomes a weak link and will negatively impact the rest. Maintaining this strict level of performance requires complete visibility, which means monitoring every stage and aligning stakeholders with the performance engineering strategy. In this article, we […]