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Next Course

A crash course of Next.js: Routing and Middleware (part 3)

This series is my Next.js study resume, and despite it’s keen to a vanilla Next.js,  all the features are applicable with Sitecore SDK. It is similar to the guide I recently wrote about GraphQL and aims to reduce the learning curve for those switching to it from other tech stacks. In part 1 we covered some […]

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How to Manage Main Menus in Drupal

To make your website easy to navigate, menus arblogucial. Links are provided on menus to aid with navigation. Using the Drupal menu, you can add, remove, and rename menus and items. We’ll look at creating menus in Drupal in this blog. Easy Procedures to Construct Menus in Drupal Step 1: Click Structure, as displayed on the […]

Don’t Let Faceted Navigation Ruin Your eCommerce Search Rankings

Faceted navigation, which allows online shoppers to filter products by categories like brand, size, and color, is a valuable and time-saving addition to your eCommerce user experience. However, because search engines will view each combination of product filters as its own unique page, your faceted navigation may be hurting your SEO rankings. Watch the video […]

Is Your Website Navigation User-Friendly? Try UX Card Sorting

Think about how you organize the utensils in your kitchen. It’s easy for you to find a spoon because you know where you put them. You put them in a place that makes sense to you. When you have relatives over, and they want a spoon, they would know to look in the kitchen, but […]

Site Search vs. Traditional Navigation – really, both.

I am a broken record on this one topic: Don’t let site search be an afterthought. When determining or upgrading your web solution, site search should be in the mix of the business, strategy, and connectivity discussions from the beginning. Not only is it a user expectation and a way to improve customer experience, but […]

The Benefits of a Sound Taxomony

Grace Lau, lead business consultant, Perficient XD, recently wrote an article for Boxes and Arrows on building the case for taxonomy. In the piece, she explores concerns surrounding ill-defined site redesign projects and the ROI of taxonomy. She also breaks down taxonomy  and compares it to her personal task of organizing spices in her kitchen to make […]

Turn Your Tablet into a Navigation System with a Mobile Day Pass

I am currently in the middle of the car buying process. The one upgrade that stops me every time is the navigation system. I love the idea of having it integrated into my car, but the $2,000 price tag that often comes with this upgrade seems utterly ridiculous given where we are with technology today. […]

Adding levels to the top navigation menu in SharePoint 2010

The top navigation menu in SharePoint 2010 by default allows one level. If like me you had created the custom master page by copying over the controls from default v4.master page, the top navigation menu is controlled by the ASP menu control “TopNavigationMenuV4”. The number of levels of sub sites accessible in the top navigation […]

Make SP 2010 Top Nav Pages and Sub-site links appear in Second Row – part 3

This is part 3 in a series of how to make a sites page and sub-site links show in a second row in the top nav. Here are links to part one and part two. My second post was a pure CSS solution for how to create the second row. It is by far the […]

Making the Case for Persistent Navigation

One of the primary goals of navigation design from a user experience perspective is the establishment of persistent navigation. Basically, this is characterized by: Main navigation that exists on every page of the site, in the same place Section navigation that is placed in a consistent place across sections Links that unique identifiers and go […]

Intranet Navigation – Selecting the Best Model

Setting up the right navigation for a company-wide intranet can be a difficult task. Primarily, you need to decide the right model for your content that is clear and obvious to your entire organization. Since business goals are often centered on providing information in the most efficient manner possible, making the right decision can dramatically […]

Make Top Nav in SharePoint 2010 display a horizontal line with menu items instead of the fly-out menu

FYI: I have posted a newer article that outlines a pure CSS solution for accomplishing this task. In SharePoint 2010 the navigation menus have been greatly improved. They now produce standards compliant HTML that can be custom styled without limitations. SharePoint 2007 came with an optional master page that was configured to show sub menu […]

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