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More Mobile Purchases Means More Need for App Personalization

According to eMarketer, the number of people around the world accessing the internet using smartphones reached 2.39 billion in 2017. These mobile users are spending hours each day on their phones, completing tasks, and consuming media in a highly customized environment of apps they have chosen to download and regularly interact with. Brands are trying […]

Liferay Announcements that give you a Mobile Jump Start

I am always intrigued by technology implementations that accelerate my ability to create robust solutions, especially when they are well architected, proven to scale, and economical.  There are a couple of recent announcements from Liferay that I feel fit this description and are worth looking into:  Liferay Screens 1.0 This exciting new offering further strengthens […]

Liferay Make Native Mobile Development Easier

Some of you might ask how a horizontal portal like Liferay and iOS or android could be in the same sentence.   I was a bit surprised to see this myself.  Liferay recently announced Liferay Screens which is, “a collection of native mobile components that uses the power of Liferay Portal’s backend to build enterprise mobile apps.” […]

Mobile Web Is Not What the Other Guy Says It Is

Chris Woodruff Yammered about a podcast where they debate the merits and intricacies of mobile web vs native app development.  The guest speaker is Chris Love who seems to know a thing or two about mobile, html5, web development etc.  It’s worth a listen. About This Episode In this episode, Keith and Woody sit down […]