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Benefits of a Multi-Cloud Strategy

To begin, let’s first define multi-cloud. Multi-cloud is a term for the use of more than one public cloud service provider for virtual data storage or computing power resources, with or without any existing private cloud and on-premises infrastructure. Multi-cloud is different than hybrid cloud, which involves the use of public cloud in conjunction with private […]


Key Takeaways of the VMware Tanzu Standard Edition

In our previous blog VMware Tanzu: Highlights of the Basic Edition, we discussed the benefits and considerations of implementing VMware Tanzu Basic in your organization. In today’s blog, we will discuss the Standard edition, which builds off of the functionality of the Basic edition, and how it can support your infrastructure and application modernization journey. […]

Migrating to Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services

Why migrate from Informatica PowerCenter to Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated multicloud adoption and research predicts that workloads primarily executed in cloud-based external environments will increase from 36% in 2020 to 63% in 2022. Taking a cloud or multicloud approach has many benefits like reducing vendor lock-in, greater agility, scalability, network performance improvement, improved risk management, and more. But a multicloud environment […]

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Why Should Enterprises invest in VMware Tanzu Mission Control

Enterprises are slowly realizing that they need to adopt Containers and Kubernetes technologies to accelerate their Digital Transformation initiatives. These technologies are the driving forces behind Legacy modernization and Cloud-native applications that are needed to meet the ever changing demands of their customers in today’s Digital era.  These technologies provide various benefits for both Developers […]

3 Reasons to Add AI to Multi-Cloud Environments

One of the unfortunate byproducts of the digital age is when cloud providers suffer major outages. In such situations, everything from email applications to social networking websites go offline, making even the simplest of technology tasks irrelevant. Even as cloud solutions improve, management of such solutions is still at the will of human error. Such […]

How to Succeed with a Multi-Cloud Strategy

While some organizations are still exploring the viability of a cloud strategy, others have moved to scale up on their deployments and create multi-cloud environments. The breadth of services, cost savings, business agility, and innovation opportunities drive technology leaders, which offer increased opportunities to compete in crowded markets. That said, moving to a multi-cloud model […]

WEBINAR: Navigate the Future of Cloud with iPaaS and More

As more cloud services enter the IT ecosystem, organizations are evolving in their strategies. For example: Using the hybrid cloud to ease the transition from on-premises infrastructure to a combination of cloud and on-premise. Deploying multi-cloud strategies that involve the use of multiple public cloud solutions. Looking to cognitive solutions that enable better business decision-making. […]