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DevOps for SharePoint Online (Office 365)

With the rapidly evolving migration to the cloud SharePoint teams are faced with a new challenge: How do we develop and deploy for SharePoint Online? If your feet have been firmly planted with on-premises development for SharePoint it can be a little daunting trying to move your process to the cloud. Where and how should […]

Windows Azure Updates: VMs, AD, Storage, Spending Limits

Earlier today Scott Guthrie let everyone know about the new improvements to Windows Azure. Below is the bullet list straight from Scott’s blog. This week we released some great updates to Windows Azure.  These new capabilities include: Compute: New 2-CPU Core 14 GB RAM instance option Virtual Machines: Support for Oracle Software Images, Management Operations […]

Windows Azure no longer needs a credit card for MSDN subscribers

I talk about Windows Azure at several events, such as: SQL Saturdays, Code Camps and User Groups in my region. One thing I hear about when people sign-up is that they don’t want to supply a credit card just to try the services. Now MSDN subscribers are no longer required to provide payment information. MSDN […]

Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012 Released to MSDN

It’s a very exciting day for Microsoft today as they release the RTM versions of both Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012 to MSDN – Official communication came from the Windows App Developer Blog, here. Both releases are pivotal to Microsoft’s core business and will truly change the way that people interact with their desktop… I’m sorry device. […]