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The Pandemic – Our Agile Coach

The Coaching Program I can see the quizzical look on your face with the question, “Why is she calling this pandemic an Agile coach?” My answer is: “Yes because it taught us agile principles, and imbibed agile mindset in us.” Let me explain in detail: During this pandemic: How many of us responded to change […]

6 Powerful Marc Benioff Quotes about Employee Value

Does Your Company Culture Need Some TLC? Wondering what’s the one thing those three iconic individuals have in common? Keep reading… One reason behind Salesforce’s success is the Ohana, or the Salesforce community of Trailblazers. The same way Jimmy Buffet has “Parrotheads” or Justin Bieber has “Beliebers,” your company can have their own tribe of […]

Motivation in an Agile Team

Motivation is an important personal skill to inspire individuals to reach a goal or diminish some kind of feelings like pain. Moreover, it may be beneficial to have a good motivation skill throughout your life.   The interesting image (left) shows an impossible thing–an ant is holding up a length of wood which is several times it’s […]

Surprising Science of Motivation – watch the video

I’ve been thinking about what motivates people to do the jobs of a knowledge worker.  When I talk to companies today, most of the concern they have around collaboration is about how to empower knowledge workers.  Most knowledge workers jobs have changed.  They need to focus less on the repeatable tasks and more on the […]