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xDB Reports with Powershell

101 First things first. To collect analytics you have to make sure you tell Sitecore you are not a robot: Also, if you are running locally you may as well disable robots: Next, if you have a way to identify your users you have to do so explicitly. The site I am working on is […]

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Effortless Backups with Powershell and AWS

[su_note note_color=”#fafafa”]I am not an operations guy but often my Sitecore backups needs are not sky high either. Maybe you are running a QA environment that your client starts using to play with content population. While that content is not exactly real they would prefer that the content doesn’t vanish overnight. Or maybe there’s a […]

Sitecore 8 is Here!

Sitecore has just announced the official release of Sitecore Experience Platform 8 and it’s one of the most ambitious releases to date. Many of us who were at Sitecore Symposium 2014 this past September were able to catch glimpses of the new features and the new look of Sitecore 8. Needless to say, everyone was […]