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What is AI? — Learn AI Part 1

AI appears to have just been invented, looking at the buzz on socials and media. However, a keen eye would point out IBM’s Deep Blue, for example, which defeated the world chess champion Garry Kasparov in 1997. So what is AI? Strong Versus Weak AI Broadly classified, AI is strong or weak. Before the advent […]

Case Study for a Partial View Model using the Ignition Framework

I was creating a component in Sitecore where the item structure was three tiered meaning that the component’s datasource, its children and grandchildren from its structure in the content tree would have to be accessed to properly populate the component.  An example of this structure is shown below where the component’s datasource is the top […]

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To The Controller And Back. Part 2 – Validation

In part 1 I looked at how Sitecore routes controllers that the forms POST to. Let’s see how you can go about validating your forms. I will show you traditional POST as well as AJAX forms with HTML fragments and JSON data. Test It Do you test your server side validation? How often did you […]

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Customizing the model within Sitecore MVC

In Sitecore, the MVC framework provides a “default” model type that does some very necessary work. To support the view, Sitecore’s default model type Sitecore.Mvc.Presentation.RenderingModel provides you access to The “current” item – passed via a datasource or the context item if no datasource is used The PageContext item (which may be different if a […]