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Testing UI for Multiple Apps Using UI Automator

A User interface test involves interacting with multiple apps and verifying that the app behaves fine when the flow passes through other apps or through the System UI. An excellent example of this would be the Android messaging app where the user can enter the message which then launches the contact picker so that the users can […]

Mobile Testing on Cloud with Appium Using AWS Device Farm

With Amazon’s Device Farm technology, you can now easily upload your app and choose an Android or an iOS device to test your app. You will get screenshots, videos of the tests that were run and most importantly, the real-time reports of the tests that were completed. It is as simple as uploading a file […]

Test Your iOS Apps in the Browser

Let’s face it – getting an Ad-Hoc build to a client of their super-cool-new-app-in-progress can often be time intensive and cumbersome. While the advent of wireless distribution certainly was a huge improvement over having your client download the .ipa file, import it into iTunes, and physically sync their device via USB to get the application […]