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Internet Shopper Entering Credit Card Information Using Laptop Keyboard

5 Insights From Our Ecommerce Conversation with Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health

Customers’ expectations for their shopping experiences have drastically altered, largely in part due to Amazon. Gone are the days where you have to run to Foot Locker or Toys “R” Us to buy presents for your kids. Place an order online, and in some cases, get it delivered the same day. The COVID-19 pandemic forced […]

What Businesses Should Expect for Commerce This Holiday Season

Before we could blink, summer ended, and the holiday season is now just around the corner. The COVID-19 pandemic has already impacted several facets of digital commerce, and many businesses will have to make certain adjustments as holiday spend continues to move online. Here are some tips that will prepare your business for the digital […]

The Explosion of the US Food and Grocery Industry During COVID-19

Even in trying times, opportunity presents itself to those that are vigilant and watchful. The US ecommerce food and grocery industry is growing at an accelerated rate as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Online spending and grocery shopping rates have doubled since 2019 and is projected to increase throughout 2020 as end-users exercise caution while procuring […]

Is Technology the Key to a Happy Holiday?

The holiday season is upon us. I can see it most prominently through the endless commercials during kids shows followed immediately by the voice of my child screaming, “PUT THAT ON MY LIST!” The other place where I’m being bombarded is through my email. Every morning for the past week, I have received countless alerts […]

Retail Trends 2014: #10 – Amping Up the In-store Experience

Is the physical store dead in retail? Absolutely not. However, it is safe to say that the future of brick and mortar retailing will look very different as the physical store undergoes an incredible metamorphosis. The ongoing consumarization of digital services and experiences is poised to take over the in-store experience for retailers. According to Retail Systems […]

Retail Trends 2014: #6 – Mobility Convergence

Mobility Convergence Mobile continues to transform retailing as digital technology not only alters the way in which the Connected Consumer shops but who controls the relationship. From social interactions and marketing to commerce and in-store experiences, mobile technology will be the bridge that connects digital and physical shopping experiences for retailers as they strive to […]

Cyber Monday Breaks Records

With the holiday season upon us, many analysts were watching to see how much spending would happen on Cyber Monday. Stephanie Banks, marketing manager at Perficient, recently wrote a blog on the record-breaking volumes that we saw this year and the dramatic increase in mobile shopping. According to recent reports released by comScore and the National Retail […]