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Understanding Disability Types for Effective UI Design: 3 Key Factors for Empathetic Problem-Solving

The Assumptions We Make About Disability What comes to mind when you’re thinking about what it means for a person to be disabled? Are they deaf? Is their mobility compromised in some way? What about their vision? It’s important to remember that senses and abilities like these aren’t only reserved for those with permanent disabilities. […]

Beating the Odds at Adobe Creative Jam

Recently, Jenny Shaddach and I competed at the Adobe Creative Jam in Detroit and walked away victorious with the first place People’s Choice Award. First, I have to give to kudos to Adobe for a sweet event. Great venue—chic’ed up warehouse in the Eastern Market district of downtown Detroit—great speakers, portfolio review service, and they […]

Evolving Your Design to Fit the iPhone X

When Apple unveiled the iPhone X, it seemed like everyone on the internet immediately had an opinion. Not that this is anything new, it’s the internet. The X looks to take the iconic phone a big step further, combining a lot of new features with some that have been slowly ramping up across recent releases. […]

Mobile App Development: Use Cases and Native vs. Web

Use Cases Determine Design A few weeks ago LinkedIn released their iPad app; it was immediately praised for it’s slick interface and immediate usability. With a full-featured and flexible site like LinkedIn, most users expect a recreation of the original desktop website with a minor design change for tablets. What LinkedIn actually delivered shows more […]

Digital Insights: Mobile Is Not a Channel – It’s an Attitude

As a digital strategist, part of my job is to keep up with digital trends so that I can paint as clear a picture as possible of how and why consumers are interacting with the latest technology. If you’re familiar with interactive marketing, you probably know that this is an elusive goal. The current digital […]

Design Insights for Creating Touchscreen Interfaces

The thing you figure out fairly quickly when designing for a touchscreen device, like an iPad, is that most of the usability rules you studiously absorbed for the last 10-15 years have been flipped on their heads. The surgical precision of the point-and-click mouse is replaced by stubby-finger pinching, tapping, and swiping. Where once there […]