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The Inside Track: Autonomous Cars

When we think of driverless (or autonomous) cars, we often picture a futuristic time in which someone is relaxing in the passenger seat while the vehicle safely navigates its way to the desired destination. Believe it or not, certain aspects of that kind of technology already exist. Toyota Safety Sense, Active Cruise Control from BMW, […]

Blockchain And Cryptocurrency [Trend To Watch]

At last year’s Milken Institute Global Conference, an annual event that attracts some of the world’s most extraordinary people to explore solutions to today’s most pressing challenges, a group of experts gathered for a discussion on the future of blockchain. Brian Forde, who is now a senior lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management, […]

Clinical Trials And Teddy Bears

  If you have children, you know what it like is to give them a shot or any other type of medication. You also know what’s it’s like to take them to the doctor and have a “stranger” give them a simple checkup, let alone convince them to comply with more intrusive requests. That’s why […]