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Teams Adoption Hub – Deep Dive –Part 4 (Scale)

Welcome back to the final phase in your Teams Adoption! In this last phase we’ll be bringing everything you’ve learned thus far and apply it to support the broad scale enablement of Teams into your organization! In order to do this properly, you should follow these steps: Define outcomes and successes Optimize feedback and reporting […]

Teams Adoption Hub – Deep Dive — Part 3 (Experiment)

Welcome back! In the last blog article of this series we discussed how to get started with your Microsoft Teams adoption phase which included gathering your team, setting up your team, and starting to use Teams. In this article we’ll be discussing the experimentation of using Microsoft Teams. As a best practice, Microsoft recommends that […]

Teams Adoption Hub – Deep Dive — Part 2 (Start)

Welcome back! In Part 1 of this series we discussed an overview of what the new Teams Adoption Hub was and how the hub is broken down into three different adoption phases: Start Experiment Scale Of those three adoption phases mentioned above, today we’ll be focusing on adoption phase 1 (Start), which includes gathering your […]


Teams Adoption Hub – Deep Dive — Part 1 (Overview)

Hot off the presses! Microsoft just released a new Teams Adoption Hub which basically simplifies your deployment and adoption process for Microsoft Teams as well as other Office 365 workloads! If you were unable to check out some of the content from Ignite, they actually covered a session about the Office 365 adoption framework in which they […]