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Synchronizing Medical Devices

Part 1: The Essential Healthcare Mobile App Features You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Mobile technology has revolutionized the healthcare industry by transforming the ways in which consumers access and manage care. The mobile channel has facilitated a colossal shift in the relationship between clinicians, payers, and patients, as the healthcare industry moves toward a more patient-focused operating model. The mobile channel presents a unique opportunity for healthcare organizations […]

3 Technology Essentials for Health Plans in 2018

The state of uncertainty in the health insurance marketplace makes preparing for 2018 a challenge. Rather than sitting back and waiting to see what happens, health plans that recognize the ongoing need to transform their business models and embrace the shift to B2C will be in the driver’s seat. This B2C shift makes consumer insight […]

2017 Trends: Mobile Demand Creates Connectivity Challenges

We will continue to explore the top 5 healthcare provider trends for 2017. My previous posts in this blog series highlighted our first two trends: Handing the Patient Portal Reins to the Patient and Connecting the Patient to Connected Health. In our third trend we will look at how the increased demand for mobile will […]

mHealth and Wearables are on the Rise in Clinical Trials

In September, leaders from Pfizer, Otsuka, Quintiles, Roche and Eli Lilly & Co. to name a few, will be convening at the ‘Mobile in Clinical Trials’ event in Boston to discuss the uses and barriers to mobile technology in clinical trials. Mobile and web-based technology platforms are on the rise for clinical trials and post-approval […]

VIDEO: Top 10 Connected Health Trends for 2016

Healthcare organizations, both providers and health plans, continue to feel the pressure to expand access to care, improve quality, and reduce costs. Increasingly empowered patients and members are intensifying this pressure through demands for price transparency, mobile access, and personalized experiences. To meet these demands, it is critical for healthcare organizations to shift their focus […]

2016 Connected Health Trends: Internet of Things & Security

More and more often we are seeing Connected Health trends make friends with neighboring technology solutions. Such is the case, for example, with the digitized longitudinal care plan that relies upon both Business Intelligence and Interoperability to, in time, connect the patient to their care plan. However, just as some medications create side effects that […]

FDA Director: We’re Watching How You Manage Product Complaints

We frequently blog about FDA Warning Letters and other regulatory and compliance issues that revolve around traditional pharmaceuticals and medical devices. However, one product segment that we haven’t yet discussed is digital health. This is because digital health products are fairly new to the market and most are still trying to figure out how FDA […]

CIO Series: #HIMSS16 Hot Topic- Patient & Consumer Engagement

HIMSS 2016 is right around the corner, in less than 2 weeks more than 40,000 people will gather in Las Vegas to explore the latest trends and challenges in the healthcare industry and discover cutting-edge technology solutions. As both a patient and a consumer, one topic I am looking forward to discussing at #HIMSS16 is […]

Digital Health For Doctors: Is There Enough Time For It?

  I normally don’t bother reading (consciously, at least) the comments section of news articles because they’re often full of spam or disgruntled readers. But, one particular comment posted for a Wall Street Journal article caught my eye. The article was discussing the increased use of mobile apps in clinical practice. 

#HIMSS15 Recap: 4 Hot Topics That Left McCormick Buzzing

Over 42,000 healthcare IT enthusiasts and thought leaders attended HIMSS15 this year in Chicago. Thousands of others joined form various locations using social media to engage in the conversations. The HIT Super Bowl did not disappoint those in attendance and those joining the social media conversations. The conversations were around several different health IT topics […]

5 Apps Leveraging Apple’s ResearchKit For Clinical Studies

  Imagine mailing over 60,000 letters to have only netted 305 breast cancer survivors for a clinical study. And that took three years. Now imagine enrolling thousands of subjects for a study, albeit with less strict criteria, in less than one month. That’s thanks to an app. 

#HIMSS15: Reducing Readmissions with Post Discharge Text Messages

Today I had the good luck to happen upon a #HIMSS15 session entitled “Improve Patient Engagement, Lower Readmissions with #mHealth.” I thought that was a bold statement to make on behalf of #mHealth. Since I’m a big sucker for a bold statement, I found myself drawn to the session like moth to flame. The session […]

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