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How Implementing MSMQ Technology Improves Communication between Technologies

Having clear and consistent communication is key to accomplishing your business goals. It’s even more important to have open communication between your business technologies to ensure your organization continues to run as is, if not better. In modern technology architecture, performance and decoupled integration is a key factor of application development. Message queues can significantly […]

Ensuring Reliable Message Delivery in MuleSoft Applications

Some types of MuleSoft applications have zero tolerance for message loss.  An online order purchasing application is a good example.  Losing even one message during an online purchase order would have a direct impact on a company’s sales revenue. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure reliable message delivery when implementing a MuleSoft application.  One approach […]

Big Data Trends – Part 2 ( Stream Processing )

In continuation with my previous post on Big Data Trends, I would like to reference couple of Stream processing solutions that are able to process huge volumes of data with low latency. These solutions address the shortcomings of the traditional ETL delivery mechanism. ETL shortcomings ETL and message queue systems address offline reporting and batch […]