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6 Tips for Writing Patient-Oriented Health Content

Creating healthcare content for a general readership isn’t always easy, but it can be very satisfying – especially when you’re providing useful information on topics that people care about. I’ve spent much of my career writing about health and wellness for magazines, websites, and corporate clients (and, as an editor, helping other writers do their […]

Transforming Healthcare Journeys with IBM

20 years ago, the United States Government passed the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), transforming healthcare protections for employees from issues of unemployment to electronic record keeping. The implementation of Meaningful Use, in particular, has been important in requiring providers to offer electronic health records to patients, and technologically-savvy healthcare providers are taking […]

From Laptops To Tablets: Eli Lilly Bought 15,000 iPads

  Mwandama Mutanuka, a colleague of mine who’s involved in business process management (BPM) projects at Perficient, recently authored a blog post about how enterprise mobility can improve clinical research. He started his piece with news that highlighted Eli Lilly’s purchase of 15,000 iPads for employees, starting a few years back. Now, they’re upgrading to […]