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Acceptability Equals Mobility

MedDRA 23.0 – March Madness for the New Release

Each year in March (and September), we eagerly await the new releases of the MedDRA dictionary, hoping that any suggestions we have provided during the year were accepted. We also know that a significant dictionary change can be a bit much during a busy time. MedDRA 23.0 will be released on March 1, 2020. In […]

MedDRA Upgrades: 4 Clarifications

We are quickly coming up to the go-live of the MedDRA 20.1 dictionary. The new version; maintained by the MSSO was released in September 2017; per regulatory guidance will go live on the first Monday, two months after its release. This version, 20.1 will be live 06Nov2017. Our clients often have questions about upgrading their […]

The 6 Annual Release Dates For MedDRA And WHO Drug

  In a post from earlier this year, Medical Coding In Argus Safety, Perficient’s Dr. Rodney Lemery discussed how Oracle’s safety and pharmacovigilance (PV) system integrates very nicely with MedDRA and WHO Drug. Since much of the work our safety and PV team does revolves around Argus Safety, we’re also heavily involved with the installation […]

Medical Coding In Argus Safety

A major part of the case management process is to ensure that every adverse event term is coded appropriately to the medical dictionary MedDRA. Oracle’s Argus Safety makes coding verbatim terms quite simple. The system integrates very smoothly with the medical dictionaries MedDRA and WHO Drug. Per current MSSO Points to Consider (MSSO, 2014), adverse […]