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In Healthcare, Connectivity Is Not Collaborating

Interoperability between different electronic health record (EHR) systems is one of the most important requirements that hospitals and physicians must meet as they prepare their systems for attestation in Meaningful Use Stage 2. However, let’s examine the real goals of interoperability within healthcare: 1) To make sure “information follows the patient regardless of geographic, organizational, […]

Patient Information Really Doesn’t Matter

We live in a world of information, everywhere we turn someone is collecting information about us. The technology advancements over the last 10 years are mind-boggling, but new technology is usually escorted by apprehension as our privacy continues to diminish and security is anything but secure. From cookies on the internet to a basket analysis […]

#TexasHIMSS: Reaching Teens with Digital Health

During a breakout session at Texas HIMSS today, I attended “Reaching adolescents through electronic health portals: Lessons from the field” by Peggy B. Smith, MA, Ph.D. While I normally lean towards the positive in providing insights from these breakout sessions, being a presenter is no easy feat, I must start with a couple of not […]

Connected Health Trend Countdown: #5 The Meaningful Use Timeline

We’ve rounded the bend on our countdown of the Top 10 Trends in Connected Health in 2014. You may be surprised to know that this is the first time a government propelled trend has been mentioned on this countdown. Here it is: Trend #5: The Meaningful Use Timeline Shift I like to refer to this […]