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Observing India’s Ecommerce During My Visit Amidst COVID-19

Planning a trip to another country typically requires a checklist of items, such as having a working cell service to make local calls and cash on hand (in local currency). These tasks ensure we can be self-sufficient when doing things such as calling a cab, buying a snack, contacting family or friends, and more. This […]

2015 Consumer Markets Trend: Mobile

Another year has passed and what a better way to start off the new year with what we see as the top 10 tech trends for 2015!  Be sure to follow our blog as we discuss these prioritized trends heading into this year to help your enterprise prepare for what the future holds for the […]

Apple’s impact on the retail industry

If you love Apple as much as I do, then you are definitely tired today.  Why?  Because you were one of the people who got up early this morning (2am CST) and wait for Apple and cell providers to accommodate the heavy flow of consumers wanting to pre-order their new iPhone!  So now that the […]

Mobile Consumers are Changing Everything

Although currently mobile channel (phones and tablets) sales are not making a huge impact on e-commerce, predictions tell a different tale.  In a report released by e-marketer, “by 2016, 85% of digital shoppers will be mobile shoppers as well”.[1]  Forrester’s released a study that predicts that mobile transactions will be the majority of e-commerce by […]