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Finance Transformation — What Does it Mean?

Finance Transformation has been a catchphrase in the enterprise performance management (EPM) industry for several years. But what does finance transformation mean exactly? From our perspective, it begins with the marriage of modern, digital technologies with a strong governance philosophy. When this occurs, a finance organization is transformed into a prescient voice shaping business strategy. […]

Master Data – Why is it different from CRM?

Lot of people confuse the Master Data Management with CRM. Gartner defines the ‘Three Rings of Information Governance’ where and what type of data is captured and how it relates to the core enterprise data (Master Data). Master Data is the common set of definitions agreed across the Enterprise. According to Gartner, The inner ring […]

Why the Legal Industry needs Master Data Management

Master Data Management is an unheard of term within legal industry. Historically  only handful of software providers serves the  legal industry. Due to the fragmented nature of the business not many major ERP vendors have targeted this industry. However,  this situation is changing, ERP vendors are looking to expand in this space,  large and medium-sized […]