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Using Mobile

Essentials for Your Digital Strategy: Embracing the Mobile Evolution

Delivering seamless, consistent, and engaging experiences starts with a customer-centered digital strategy. This ongoing series explores the characteristics that make up a great digital strategy and how to deliver powerful brand moments that solidify customer loyalty and drive differentiation for your organization. Mobile technology – and the role it plays in our lives – continues […]

Automotive Companies Need to Take Back the Online Shopping Space

Why are automotive companies allowing third-party auto sites to control and dominate the online car shopping process? Next time you are sitting on your couch watching TV or online streaming video, pay attention to the automotive commercials. One thing you may notice is that none of them tell you to go to their website in […]

How to Dominate Your Marketing with the Cloud

CMOs are under increased pressure to show tangible return for their marketing spend while delivering on an expanded customer agenda. Providing a high-quality experience across multiple channels on a consistent basis is difficult, especially with competitive noise. To keep marketing efforts moving, some leaders have turned to cloud as a technology differentiator. Cloud solutions are […]

B2B Marketers Need Strategy Too

In the marketing world, you see a lot of time in the digital world spent on consumer marketing.  But so much of marketing also focuses on business to busienss, channel, partner, or other non-consumer marketing.  In this regard, marketers here can use marketing and social cloud capabilities. Where do you start?