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Creating Business Logic – in Cognos Framework Manager

One of the goals of the Cognos Framework Manager modeler is to build a model that makes report authoring easier. To accomplish that, you “build in” business logic” (a loosely defined term here) into your meta model. This business logic can be simple (like simply renaming or hiding a database table column) or quite complex […]

Cognos Framework Manager, Transformer & Metric Designer

During a recent project of mine, I jumped “head first” into IBM Cognos Framework Manager. Yes, it is an awesome tool, but where exactly does it “fit” into the Cognos environment? Are there similar or alternate tools that can be used? I just had to have a quick look! The Cognos Components       […]

IBM Cognos Framework Manager – Proven Practice

A proven practice for Framework Manager Meta Modeling is to divide your model into a series of layers, each layer having a specific purpose. (Originally IBM recommended the use of two layers (data and modeling), but later added a presentation layer, and (optionally) a separate dimensional layer). The layers should be: The top layer – […]

Flexible Meta Models and IBM Cognos Framework Manager

A metadata model is “a gathering of Meta information that includes both physical information and business information for one or more datasources and is the foundation for both future modelling and report development within an organization”. Meta-model flexibility can be defined as the ability of a (Meta) model to: Easily expand and grow (to support […]

Lessons Learned – Transitioning from an FTE to a Consultant

A little over 3 years ago I began what I would call an internal transformation as I started to reevaluate my career and personal life.  I had been working as a Full-time Employee (FTE) in two large corporations over the course of 10 years and I was very proud of what I had accomplished.  I […]

Big Data – Organizational Challenges

My previous blog post was about Enterprise Search.  Within my research, I continuously came across the term Big Data.  Obviously, I had heard of this before, but I was not well versed on what it actually meant.  While I was waiting at the airport, I saw a Harvard Business Review (HBR) magazine staring at me, […]

Leadership: be the future; don’t just talk about it…

I recently spent some time in Hilton Head, SC with my family recharging and refocusing. Although the company and the scenery were more than inspiring enough to me, I came across the following article “6 Steps to Become Amazingly Inspirational” by Mr. Simon Stapleton, July 18, 2012 and would like to share its message. In his […]

A Case for a Center of Excellence

Center of Excellence (CoE)   A Forrester survey (“The EA View: BPM Has Become Mainstream”, Forrester Research, Inc.) indicated:   “Of companies experiencing clear measurable improvement in FPM, 49% have a CoE in place”   With that in mind, I attended a presentation by Sandy Kemsley, (an accomplished FPM Analyst and Consultant) entitled, “Maximizing FPM […]

Taming the Hydra: Managing the Relationship Between Transactional and Analytical Applications

Over the course of my career I’ve been lucky enough to have been in charge of both transactional and analytical applications. As such I’ve been able to experience the “burn” of projects on both sides of the candle. Because of this I am acutely aware of the challenges faced in trying to manage the relationship […]

SharePoint and Identity Management – Part 2 of 3

So last week we briefly touched on the characteristics of a good IdM solution or at least an environment that was IdM hygienic.  Some of those characteristics included the following: View, create, modify, and delete users Change passwords Add or delete a user in a security group Approve or reject requests Delegate all permissions This […]

OpenSSO is not dead

Sun supported the open source Identity and Access Management (IAM) product called OpenSSO. It was free, easy to install, and had support through Sun.  Once Oracle completed the acquisition, they announced it was pretty much a dead product.  It didn’t take long for OpenSSO to fork the code stream and become OpenAM (Access Management).  You […]

Innovation and offshore

I’ve read some interesting articles lately regarding how to get your offshore partner to innovate. One in CIO magazine; covered the topic pretty well with regard to what you have to change to spark innovation. But I’d like to add some specific areas where a multi-shore arrangement can transcend the usual SLA / price […]

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