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SharePoint Online Content Type Hub

  In SharePoint 2010, Microsoft introduced a great new feature for publishing and subscribing to content types called the content type hub. If you’re unfamiliar with the feature, read this. With SharePoint 2010 or 2013 on-premises, you would create a new site collection, turn on the features and configure the managed metadata service. Easy! When you […]

SharePoint 2013 Managed Navigation: Pros, Cons, and Code

I recently posted a script to export term sets in SharePoint (vetted in both 2010 & 2013).  I was prompted to write that script, because the client I was working on had a very particular (and large!) managed navigation structure that I wanted to replicate across all environments to make testing code much simpler. This […]

Exporting Term Sets

I don’t know about you, but I really wish there was a way to export managed metadata in SharePoint, especially since SharePoint teases you with the ‘Import Term Set’ option. To get around this I’ve written a little script to export all of the term sets in a term store (easily customizable to just export […]

Retrieving SharePoint List Column Managed Metadata (JavaScript)

This is a quickie, but can be useful for those accessing SharePoint Managed Metadata from the Client Side. Often when you’re pulling back data from SharePoint lists, you’ll get a full-fledged object back rather than a single field value (and yes I ran into this while working on some fancy calls in a Display Template). […]

Search Engine Optimization for SharePoint 2013 Sites (Part I)

SharePoint 2013 introduces several new WCM capabilities and one of the addition is native support for SEO(Search Engine Optimization). In absence of any native support for SEO in earlier versions, developer community relied on custom solutions. However with out-of-box SEO capabilities in SharePoint 2013, now you can Configure Canonical URLs Verify site ownership with web […]

Machine Translations (for Term Sets) in SharePoint 2013

In one of my earlier blog posts, I showed how term sets can be translated manually using XLIFF files. This post will step through the process of setting up machine translations for a term set. Process: 1. Go to Central Administration and create a SharePoint Translation Service application if it’s not already setup.

Creating a managed metadata field

Creating managed metadata fields is a bit different than creating fields of other types. Managed metadata fields are required to be linked to a term set before they can be used. The two types of taxonomy fields are TaxonomyField and TaxonomyFieldTypeMulti. The TaxonomyFieldTypeMulti is used for a multi valued managed metadata. TaxonomyField field = new […]

Managed Metadata Hierarchy Breadcrumb

In my investigations of some of the new features of SharePoint 2010, I was interested to learn how I could programmatically walk the tree of a managed metadata hierarchy. This article walks through a program that will create a breadcrumb from a managed metadata hierarchy. The first thing we need to do is to create […]

Defining and deploying managed metadata fields in code

We, as a company, have been in the process of moving all of our internal systems to SharePoint 2010 and one particular feature we wanted to take advantage of is Managed Metadata. I was tasked with creating all of the content types and list definitions we would use across our extranet. The first thing I […]

Managed Metadata Service: Content Type Hubs and Publishing Architecture Considerations – Part I

The Managed Metadata Service is a highly configurable service application that controls three distinct features: keyword store, managed terms and content type publishing. The access to and control of these three features needs to be considered individually when determining the structure of the service applications and connections among the various web apps in the farm(s). […]

Managed Metadata Service: Content Type Hubs and Publishing Architecture Considerations – Part II

In Part I of this topic we covered the considerations for content type publishing that relate to keyword/managed terms. In this part we’ll cover considerations for content type publishing as they relate to content type administration. Again, the content type hub is the designated site collection that will be used to publish and administer content […]

How to create Term Store groups and Term Sets in C#

After being shown the Managed Metadata Service and the Term Stores in SharePoint 2010, I felt the need to figure out how to create all of the items that were shown to me in code. Below is a list of new classes that we will be using to accomplish the task: TaxonomySession TermStore Group TermSet […]